Area aimed at guiding and accompanying the migrant by providing relevant and reliable information about settling in Austria.

It includes::

– Advice on migration issues

– Social pedagogy

We work on the reintegration of migrants through prevention and assistance to those who suffer from deficiencies in socialization. We apply strategies that enable migrants to integrate proactively through assistance, prevention and social reintegration.

Counseling and law

The main purpose of legal advice is to help people who have had or are going through some kind of problem in a particular area in which they have no experience. An advisor is an expert in his or her area and can guide people on how to solve the problem they are facing.

If you belong to a company or foundation that provides legal advice to foreigners, do not hesitate to contact us; we would love to meet you!

Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion is the access and right of every person to education, health services, job opportunities, security and housing within a society regardless of their origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, intellectual capacity and financial situation.

It is the process of improving the ability, opportunity and dignity of people who are disadvantaged. With social inclusion, equity is sought in the society in which they find themselves. That said, social exclusion is known as the denial of equal access to opportunities that a certain group in society imposes on others. Social exclusion gives rise to discrimination, a social behavior that treats a person or group unequally on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, physical differences, physical or mental condition, or sexual orientation.

Discrimination attacks the very heart of what it means to be human; it is a very extensive issue that is carried out in all countries of the world and it is important to communicate it in order to educate our future generations.


Mental health is the balance between a person and his or her socio-cultural environment that guarantees his or her labor and intellectual participation and the relationships he or she develops for well being and quality of life. Mental health is related to emotions and behavior in different situations of daily life. It helps you determine how to manage stress, coexist with other people and make important decisions. Like other forms of health, mental health is important at all stages of life, from childhood to maturity.

Mental health has been defined as a state of well-being in which a person is aware of his or her own abilities, with the capacity to cope with the stresses of everyday life and to work productively. It is a state of psychological and emotional well being that allows the subject to employ his or her mental, social and emotional abilities to perform successfully in everyday interactions.

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the following, make an appointment with our psychologist to help you cope with your situation:

  1. Suffering: lack of comfort, consequent discomfort. Psychological pain and suffering are derived from ideas, existential events, memories and other aspects that are not tangible.
  2. Maladaptive behavior: It is a negative and effective aspect felt by the person. Behavior refers to what the person does. Adaptation describes the individual’s ability to interact with his or her environment, to cope with problems successfully and to have no problem adapting to the environment in which he or she finds himself or herself, entering into a state of frustration.
  3. Loss of control: Connotes the ability to anticipate the person’s reaction to a given event. A person who has lost control usually shows an explosive character with episodes of aggression.

If you are a person working in the mental health field, we would like to hear from you write to us for more information!

conflict resolution

As migrants we know the processes of social integration and all that this entails; the frictions around the changes and the cultural dichotomy that frame the differences, triggering conflicts.

Conflict Resolution is a program that allows us to share, from research and experiences, the methodologies that our educators have structured with the objective of structured by our educators with the objective of integrating practices that allow communities to reduce conflict and increase tolerance of differences.

If you wish to communicate with us about this topic, click on the button below.

Orientation by country

If you are new to Austria and do not know how to find your way around, we share the list of Latin American embassies, their location and contact so that you can communicate with your country:







Lugeck 1-2/7, 1010, Viena.



Pestalozzigasse 4, 1010, Viena.



Prinz Eugen-strasse 18, 1040, Viena.


43 14054249

43 14022659 (Fax)

Stadiongasse 6/8, 1010, Viena.



Kaiserstrasse 84, 1070, Viena.

Costa Rica

43 12633824

Flossgasse 7, 1020, Viena.



Lugeck 1, 1010, Viena.


43 15353208

Goldschmiedgasse 10, 1010, Viena.



Argentinierstrasse 72/2/1, 1040, Viena.

El Salvador

01 5053874

Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 72/2/1, 1040, Viena.


43 1 7143570

Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 18/1/7, 1040, Viena.


43 66499176850

43 66015032130

Schwindgasse 5/1/5, 1040, Viena.



Renngasse 5, 1010, Viena.


43 1 4031838

Edendorferstrasse 10/3/12, 1010, Viena.


01 5872347

Goldschmiedgasse 10/403, 1010, Viena.



Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 18, 1010, Viena.



anexo 12

Mahlerstrasse 7, 1010, Viena.

República Dominicana

43 1 5058555

Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 18, 1040, Viena.


43 015356636

Mahlerstrasse 11/2/2A, 1010, Viena.


43 1 7122638

Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 72, 1040, Viena.