Hands up anyone who has painted, drawn, colored or daubed paint on any object in their house when they were little. We all did, didn’t we? The creative impulse is something that, in childhood, we all carry inside us to a greater or lesser extent, but when we get older, routine and obligations displace this type of theoretically less productive activities. But if you are one of those who continue to invest your free time in painting, you should know that spending time in the company of brushes and paint has great benefits for you.

What is painting for?

Many psychotherapists have proven the beneficial effects of art to help patients who come to consultation with psychological complaints, since art in all its expressions (painting, dance, music, writing, theater, etc.) frees the subjectivity of the person. Thus, it can be used for conflict resolution, communication problems, expression difficulties and many other psychological aspects (Alberto, 2019).

What are the benefits of the practice of painting in human life?


Painting on a canvas, on paper or on any surface that allows us to express ourselves can be a way to manifest feelings and thoughts. Especially for people who need to communicate them and are not able to do it through another way (Gonzales, 2018). In addition, it is a type of alternative and natural therapy that can have many benefits such as the following:

  1. Improved communication
  2. Increases self-esteem
  3. Contributes to improve motor skills
  4. The brain is in frequent movement
  5. Helps concentration
  6. Improves emotional intelligence

Releases stress and prevent depression

At MILAT we know and recognize the stress levels generated by the change of country, culture and schedule, as well as the emotional burdens and repressed feelings that come with having the extended family physically far away. That is why we open this space where painting works as a stimulant of our creative side, where it allows us to isolate ourselves from reality in a positive way and generates feelings of relaxation and mental rest because when time is dedicated to painting gives the feeling that we erase our environment, time passes without realizing it and a state of maximum concentration, recovery and rest is born. That is why we invite you to participate in our painting program and allow us to accompany you in this process. What are you waiting for? sign up now!

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