Milat String Orchestra Project

The non-profit foundation Milat in its mission to improve the quality of life of Latino migrants in Austria, as well as the dissemination of our culture, begins its call for participation in the pilot project “Milat String Orchestra” aimed at all those children and young people who speak Spanish and wish to be part of a musical group.

The orchestra was born as a social project with the aim of facilitating initiatives that seek the integration of those interested and their family environment. When we use the term “social project” we refer to a project that aims to improve the living conditions of people, as well as the daily life of a certain social group.

By offering young people this opportunity, they voluntarily assume a discipline that gives them the possibility to improve in other areas such as school and emotional development and also gives them the opportunity to feel welcomed and accepted in a place where their peers also speak a common language and/or come from multicultural homes.

Overall Objectives

The main objective of the project is aligned with our mission and involves the integration, support and encouragement of the participants regardless of their origin, social status, sexuality, ethnicity or gender.

In addition, other objectives include: bonding with other participants who speak the same language, direct contact with music and instruments, generation of family ties, spaces for recreation and relaxation, generating interest in cultural activities, integrating art as a normal part of education and thus allowing the development of behaviors such as: will, discipline, imagination. Also the development of social skills and teamwork, the possibility of sharing with other children in similar migratory contexts, learning through music a little of the Latin American cultural legacy and participating in its diffusion.

Who can participate?

The Orchestra’s work is oriented towards the socio-affective, intellectual, technical, musical and artistic development of children and young people who have shown an interest in learning to play an instrument. Specifically, all those who are at least seven years old and who can understand and speak Spanish.

What is needed to participate in the project?

In principle, three things are needed: the will, an instrument and a music stand.

The project will have a small cost for the participants because, at this stage, our Foundation, due to the Coronavirus situation and the high costs of the project itself, cannot finance it in its entirety. In order to survive as a non-profit organization, we need the contributions of all donors and participants.
Do you want to participate?