Meditation friday



What is a Friday meditation?

Friday is the day of beauty and love. Today I invite you to admire the beauty of whatever crosses your path in the obvious and the less obvious. Let that be your intention for the day. When you choose beauty in all that exists, that beauty stays with you, you absorb it and reflect it. It recharges you with the most potent and divine force there is, love.

Mind meditation begins with a short talk to center the theme of the day, and then there is time to breathe and connect. That is, meditate. After the marked time, if you want you can continue breathing at your own pace for a longer time.

For this meditation I recommend that you take paper and pencil or your meditation notebook so that at the end you can write down all the reflections that come to your mind. Write down your revelations, what you have seen, felt, heard and the changes that have occurred within you.


  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Let this be the intuition of your life.
  • Behind every weakness, there is the possibility to show courage, to try again.
  • For every emptiness there is room for something new. What do you want to fill your life with?