Film workshop




Many times you think that studying, practicing or directing a film workshop is a waste of time, but have you ever thought about what a great attribute it is to develop this profession of film actor?

To encourage you or solve your doubts, we invite you to read the importance of the film workshop.

Cinema is an excellent vehicle to develop creativity and technological skills.
It fosters teamwork, communication skills, imagination,
planning… and offers a final result as attractive to children and adults as is a

From the perspective of the profession, we believe in the need for cinema to reach young people not as a consumer product, but as an art, a culture and a profession.
We want boys and girls to discover the audiovisual media as instruments of artistic creation and personal expression, and to become critical, creative
spectators capable of autonomous judgment.


To bring people closer to the art of filmmaking and to the values inherent to it, such as teamwork, responsibility, the ability to wait, sensitivity, observation of the environment, etc.

The film workshop encourages people to learn to look at reality with attention, to think about how to shape their own ideas, to express them in a way that is understandable to everyone and to participate in group ideas, share decisions, take on tasks, delegate and, in general, discover another way of relating to the world and to others.

With the film workshop you will use tools that they have in their immediate environment to make films, in a cheap and easy way: dad’s old camera, the microphone of the karaoke game that nobody uses anymore, the cell phone, a free video and audio editing program within any Windows package, a common PC, some plasticine tablets, some scissors, cardboard, etc.


The workshops are developed during a weekly session of two hours.
From the beginning of the workshop and in each of the sessions, different dynamics
will be carried out to support our last but most important objective: group cohesion dynamics,
responsible participation, promotion of participation, creativity, companionship, assertiveness and
empathy, so important in filmmaking as in life in general.

During the given course, different fragments of films will be screened with the intention
of generating debate and learning through the images, to learn about the history of cinema and
to discover filming techniques, and styles.