Coaching and self-esteem



How does coaching work on self-esteem?

Self-esteem is the upper scale to direct your life, what can be done to improve it?

Normally, when defining self-esteem, it is said that this is the feeling that appears when accepting oneself, associated with the set of beliefs in what we are capable of doing. In other words, it is our way of valuing ourselves based on the experience we have gained by facing challenges and analyzing the results of these missions and projects.

That is why self-esteem is fundamental in driving our personal development and creating the conditions that make it possible for us to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

To nurture our self-esteem is to foster the belief that as human beings we are autonomous and can live with dignity and the possibility of being happy, which leads us to be more self-confident and to enjoy a stronger confidence in our abilities.

Working on self-esteem through coaching

In order to know how to intervene on self-esteem through coaching, it is first necessary to understand how low or high self-esteem is expressed. Analyzing the behavior of people in various aspects of life must see all this.

Signs of high self-esteem

What can be done to know at what point is our self-esteem? Let’s look at several of the characteristics that define those who have an adequate level of self-esteem.

  1. They set professional goals and achieve them
  2. Expresses self-confidence
  3. Develops balanced emotional bonds
  4. Accepts emotions

Indicators of low self-esteem

If instead of focusing on what indicates the presence of good self-esteem, we look for signs that this part of our self needs to be improved, we will find the following indicators of low self-esteem.

  1. Pessimistic bias
  2. They project their feelings of guilt
  3. They always try to compete
  4. They hide many of their feelings
  5. Egocentrism

How does coaching work on this?

  1. Accept reality
  2. Assume responsibility
  3. Validating one’s feelings
  4. Finding purpose
  5. Practicing personal integrity
  6. Promoting self-acceptance

Each person can improve in this sense through perseverance and following some advice based on scientific evidence.

Encourage yourself to believe in yourself.